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It's November 21, 2015
Tittie Time is 3:33

Tittie Time in San Francisco

Church3 300x207

This church foreshadowed the coming of

When Saint Mary’s Cathedral was built in San Francisco back in 1971 there was a bit of controversy surrounding it. Most people complained that the architect Pier Luigi Nervi made a building that looked more like a washing machine agitator than a house of worship.


Little did people know that the light of the sun was going to add another dimension to the building’s look.

church close up

The locals usually refer to it as 2 O’Clock Tittie. However, based on the time of year it appears at different times of the day and can be on different sides of the building.


We are pretty sure on some day, during some point during the year, a 3:33 Tittie Time falls squarely on St. Mary's.  Can anyone corroborate this for us?


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