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It's November 21, 2015
Tittie Time is 3:33

Netflix Nipples for February

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Here’s four movies you can stream to get your Tittie on.

The Netflix releases for this month actually contain some nudity. Yay! Here’s four movies you can stream to get your Tittie on.

Bare – 2015

Paz de la Huerta & Dianne Agron - This movie is a twofer. Not just two naked women, but two naked women together in lesbian scenes. Nothing like watching a cheerleader from the TV show Glee get seduced into a world of drugs and sex by a hot stripper. Here’s hoping this one missed a PG-13 rating by a wide margin.

Dope – 2015

Chanel Iman - She doesn’t have a lot of movie credits to her name, but since she’s a Victoria’s Secret model and we in no way care about her acting ability we are happy to see her in the film. She currently is dating Jordan Clarkson of the Lakers. A gorgeous model and a wealthy sports figure, what are the odds?

Jennifer 8 – 1992

Uma Thurman - She actually has quite a few nude film credits to her name: Dangerous Liaisons, Mad Dog and Glory, Where the Heart Is, and Be Cool. We always appreciate an actress who is so famous she doesn’t need to do nude scenes, but does anyway. That’s called dedication to her craft.

Sin City – 2005

This movie was awesome enough that we would forgive it if there were no titties.  Fortunately for us the director stayed true to the graphic novel and included titties.

Carla Gugio - While she has appeared in numerous films and TV shows she has limited nude films to her name.  However, we have high hopes for her in future roles.  Little known fact: she appeared in an episode of Alf in 1989.

Jaime King - This movie was her breakthrough role and her scenes were only a few in the movie to have any color.  I can understand how the director felt obligated to include her luscious red lips and beautiful blonde hair.  She played twins in the movie, but in real life there is only one of her.

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