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It's November 21, 2015
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Best. Roommate. Ever!

Hef2 300x178

How much is it worth to buy a property with Hugh Hefner as a tenant?

What’s better than owning the Playboy Mansion?  It’s owning the Playboy Mansion while Hugh Hefner is still living there.  He is putting the property up for sale with the condition that he can remain there until he dies.  This is the best clause in a home sale I’ve ever heard of.  I don’t care how many hot women you know, he knows more.  I don’t care how good the parties you throw are, his are better.

It’s a 5 acre property in Los Angeles.  The 20,000 square foot mansion has 29 rooms, game house, home theater, wine cellar, chefs’ and catering kitchen, gym, tennis court, and swimming pool with grotto.

There is also a 4 bedroom guest house (for when the in-laws visit, I suppose).  It is one of the only properties in Los Angeles with a zoo license.

Current asking price is $200 million.  Local real estate experts say that price is well above market for comparable homes in the area.  However, the fame, mystique, and magic of the owner, company, and land are intangibles that are hard to figure in.

How much is it worth to buy a property with Hugh Hefner as a tenant?  You would have a roommate who is the finest wingman you could ask for.

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