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It's November 21, 2015
Tittie Time is 3:33

Weird Tittie Wednesday: Yogurt Edition

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Yogurt titties are our favorite breakfast food.

What are these yogurt titties worth to you?

Remember the Virgin Mary grilled cheese?  It sold for $28,000 on eBay back in 2004.


Seems like a lotta dough for some really old, fried dough.

If divine visions are your thing, maybe you could spare yourself a few grand and just score this 'Grilled Cheesus' maker that puts the likeness of Jesus Christ on every grilled cheese it makes.


I think an even better deal is to spend $1.29 on a Fage yogurt container.  The machinery that fills them leaves these perky tit-like structures on the surface of the yogurt.


With some precision and dexterity, you could have yourself a spoonful of yogurt tits every morning.

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