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It's November 21, 2015
Tittie Time is 3:33

Weird Tittie Wednesday: Breadface

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Maybe this should be titled "Weird Wednesday, with some Tittie".  

Have you guys heard of Bread Face?

Bread face is a sexy Asian chick, whose kink is to smash her face into pieces of bread.    According to her Instagram title, she's:

giving the people something they didn't ask for
Her kindness and generosity are a rare treat on the internet.

Have a look here as she smothers her face into a nice, hard, French Baguette, while smuggling peas in her yoga top:

23. Gourmet Garage French Baguette ?#breadfacing @unif @gourmetgarage

A video posted by Bread Face (@breadfaceblog) on

If you you are on Instagram, we think you need to follow her ASAP: @breadfaceblog

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