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It's November 21, 2015
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Five famous logos that look like Ta-Tas

Corporate logo 747x510

We applaud the advertising gurus that came up with these semi-erotic insignias.


Okay, the most obvious one is Hooters.  Clearly they were going for this specific look.  I’m not complaining mind you.  Every company should play to their strengths and food is not Hooters’ strong point.


Ever since I notice it looked kinda like a couple of boobs pointed up I’ve been unable to view it as anything else.  This burger joint may have a clown for a mascot, but it understands how good advertising works.  Their slogan “i’m lovin it” now makes more sense.


They went with McDonald’s approach here, just pointier.  I guessing there is some highly developed marketing strategy that says if you point the boobs up then people don’t really notice.  Kind of odd since us guys really, really want to notice boobs.


It doesn’t look exactly like a pair of breasts, but it doesn’t really look like anything other than that either.  It’s hard to say what they were going for here.  For a company that helps people find and rent lodging it made a bold choice with a vaguely erotic shaped doodle.


It’s sort of like one of those pictures where they ask how many of an object can you find.  Take a look and try to figure out how many pairs of boobs you see in the Dark Knight’s emblem.  While you are doing that, take a second and think about his backstory.  A child who witnesses his parent's murder grows up to become a costumed vigilante with a symbol full of erotic imagery that he has projected in the sky when there is danger.  Here I thought the tale of Oedipus was messed up.

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