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It's November 21, 2015
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March Netflix Nudity with a Tittie Time Shout Out

March featured netflix 300x204

The movies lean a little low brow this month, but there’s at least one classic in there.

The Netflix releases for this March include a shout out to Tittie Time.  For the most part their movies lean a little low brow this month, but there’s at least one classic in there.

Shelter – 2015


Jennifer Connelly

shelter - jennifer connelly

There’s really not much nudity in this one, but we’ve been waiting to see her goods since the movie Labyrinth.  Glad it made it into the theaters before we lost David Bowie.

American Pie Presents: The Naked Mile – 2006 & American Pie Presents: Beta House – 2007

naked mile beta house

We’ll just put these two movies together.

In Naked Mile you get to see nudity from Candace Kroslak, Alyssa Nicole Pallett, Angel Lewis, Jaclyn A Smith, Michelle Cormier, and Stephany Sexton.

In Beta House you get to see nudity from Dawn Furey, Jessica Barrow, Angela Besharah, Christine Barger, Sabrine Oliveiera, Ashleigh Hubbard, Michella Suppa, Erica Cox, Jessica Nichols and Sima Fisher.

beta house tits naked mile tits

Who are any of these women?  Who cares. What are the plots of the movies?  Who cares.  These movies are why Netflix was created.  You don’t have to blow money at the theater or even for the DVD rental.  Just lots of tits and mindless comedy.

Bachelor Party 2: The Last Temptation - 2008

bachelor party

Dena Carman, Jennifer Steele, Ashley Totin, La Trice Perry, Paula LaBaredas, Arianna Coltellacci, Erika Smith, and Claudia Costa.

bachelor nude bachelor nude 2

It’s not really a sequel and the plot doesn’t have much to do with the original, so it’s not actually a reboot.  I can’t fault the studio for trying to use a loose association with a film Tom Hanks starred in over two decades ago to try and bring in an audience.  You can always tell a high quality film when the word “hijinks” is used the description.  “Gratuitous nudity from lots of hot women” should really be the only thing it needs to say.

Scarface – 1983


Sue Bowser and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio

scarface - Sue Bowser scarface - mary-elizabeth-mastrantonio

This crime drama directed by Brian De Palma and written by Oliver Stone stars Al Pacino as a Cuban refugee who rises to become a powerful drug lord.  For anyone who wants to pretend they're interested in a gritty drama, but really wants to just see some titties, this is your go to movie.  Turn this on and say hello to your little friend.

Road Trip:  Beer Pong - 2009

road trip

Michelle Gordon, Kaitlyn Reid, Simone Searcy, Amanda Logue, Kayla Martin, Audrey Manuel, Gia Wright, Nikki Ryan and Alicia Saint Amour.

road trip nude road trip nude2

This movie makes our Number 1 for the month because there’s a scene in the bar where the babes lifts their shirts for “Tittie Time”.  We’ll gladly lend our title for a shot like that.  I’m not sure being listed in the end credits as “Ta Tas Bartender” or “Naked Pillow Fight Girl” is something that these babes are going to go home and brag about to their parents.  Bless these women for giving us their all anyway.

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