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It's November 21, 2015
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The Only Benefit to the Burkini Ban

Arab chick with ak 47 stripping out of her burka and showing her boobs 0151 300x138

Interesting things are happening in France.  Have you heard of a Burkini?   Have you heard about the Burkini Ban?

The former is a bathing suit worn by Muslim women.  The latter is France's attempt to prevent Muslim women from wearing them in public.


This comes at a time when Muslim's are increasingly under fire for their treatment of women.

We don't really want to step in the middle of that argument, but what we can agree with is the statement Manuel Valls, the French Prime Minister made on the topic.  He stated that tits are more representative of France than a headscarf [BBC].

Let them have their headscarves, but for the sake of World peace, we all might be better served with the burkini ban, don't you think?


Arab Chick With AK-47 Stripping Out Of Her Burka And Showing Her Boobs 015

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